6.338J/18.337J Course reader

Q: Is Supercomputing dead? (Oct 1994) (Aug 2001)
A: There is a future for high-performance computing (Sep 98)

Is this the supercomputing model for the future? Beowulf
Or this? Blue Gene - Petaflop supercomputer

Biannual Top-500 Computer Lists Track Changing Environments For Scientific Computing

Parallel MATLAB
Incomplete documentation to MATLAB*P 1.0 2
Parallel MATLAB survey

Grid Computing
Grid Computing Info Center - all you need to know about grid computing
Globus - one of the major computational grid projects

World record for largest dense linear system solved (though really a structured application of multipole)
held by UIUC

Parallel Architecture
SMP - Symmetric Multiprocessing
MPI - Message Passing Interface
RAW processor specification
SETI@home - distributed computing over the internet

Parallel Softwares
Netlib - collection of mathematical software, many of them parallel
The ACTS toolkit - a collection of scientific computation software, many of them will be discussed in the course
ParMETIS - a parallel graph partitioning software

Fast Computers
TOP500 Supercomputers
ASCI - home of the fastest computer in the world

Parascope - A listing of Parallel Computing Sites
Pictures of supercomputers
A good introduction to parallel processing from UTK
A new data structure that lead to improvements in numerical algorithms - we might talk about this in class
A timeline of supercomputing history

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