Monday, Dec. 2

Daniel Kang, Applying machine learning to the genome Slides Report
Alex Turner, Approximate SVD of large matrices Slides Report Code
Nathaniel Jones, Parallel radiance Slides Report Code
John Mofor, Evolution reconstruction Report IJulia notebook (view notebook)

Wednesday, Dec. 4

Adam Hesterberg, Visualizing parallel computations IJulia notebook (view notebook)
Dragos Velicanu, Julia documentation system Report
Timothy Galvin, Parallel SVD Slides Report

Monday, Dec. 9

Sebastian Eastham, A new chemistry-transport model Slides Report Code
Benjamin Jones, Productive biophysical modeling Slides Report
Samuel Huberman, Eigenvalues of disordered systems Slides Report Code
Drew Minnear, Skip trees in Julia Slides Code
Andre Kessler, Multi-GPU and 3-D wavelet compression Slides Report

Wednesday, Dec. 11

Lydia A. Krasilnikova, Matlab to Julia translator Slides Report Code
Kathleen Alexander, PetaBricks and Julia Slides Report
Isha Jain, Julia genomics package Slides Report Code
Jameson Toole and Yingxiang Yang, Analysis of human mobility data Slides Code
Runmin Xu and Lu Lu, Finding frequent itemsets over massive datasets Slides Report Code